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By: Camilla

Hi, I’m Camilla from Mauritius Island. First of all, I want to say a big thanks to you Dr. Berg because of your explanation on keto now I’m in better health. I was diagnosed with phyllodes stage 3 cancer last year they took off the tumor and said that they do not have any treatment from me anymore as phyllodes don’t react with chemotherapy so I was left by myself. I’ve tried lots and lots of methods like being vegan, I’ve stopped eating sugars but not carbs but you’re vidéos helped me a lot to understand I’ve done the 3 days water fasting I didn’t take any vitamins or minerals the 3 rs day I was a bit tired but the 2 days before I was happy in a good mood and full of energy. Now since 2 weeks, I’m on a healthy keto diet with no meat, only seafood and lots of veggies, and as you say 25% fats 25% protein and by the same time I doing OMAD I feel better day by day I have a good sleep, good mood my level of energy starts to get up. So once more big thanks and I encourage more people to be on a keto diet and to do intermittent fasting this is the way to a good health.

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