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By: Brian

Hi, I'm 38 year old Asian male. My father died at age 59. He had type2 diabetes, reno failure, complete blindness and a heart problem. So all my life I've watched my father suffer. I vowed that I will never be that sick and put all that presure on to my family. But when I turned 38, I began to be more tired. Always thirsty and waking up to go pee 3 times a night. I borrowed my co-workers tester and test my blood sugar. 271!!! I almost hit the floor. I weight about 220 so I was pudge but I didnt think I was morbidly obese. All my friends and family told me to get on medication the infamouse MetFormin. That night I saw your video on youtube. I've failed LCHF before because I'm Asian and need my rice. However your approach was quit dofferent and seemed logical. So week of No Carb and 18 hour fasting a day lowered my blood sugar to 188. People couldnt believe it. One more week lowered my blood sugar to 124. And after 3 weeks, 91 blood sugar. Lost 10 pounds after 3 weeks. I'm completely confident to say I am not a diabetic. I feel 10 years younger, my eye sight improved, and lifting more weight than ever before. I'm cureently trying to add more potassium in my diet, excited to see how that'll effect my blood sugar and weight. 271 to 91, all without a single pill. Thanks Dr. Berg! Sincerly, Brian.

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