It is better to control the cholesterol with life style then taking statin

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By: simon zhou

Hi. I have an heart attack about one and half year back. Doctor did a small operation by putting 2 stainless steel cage into my blood vessel. Angograme. Doctor give me 40mg of Statin. I took it for one year and found that i lost 7 kg of muscle mass. I can feel that my body is getting worst by the day. My buttock have no more muscle. I feel pain if i seat more then an hour. 6 month back i decided to cut down the statin by half. 20mg. After deducing the drug by 50% for 3 month. I went to see my doctor and did a blood test. My doctor agree to reduce the statin to 20mg. 2 week back. I again decided to reduce the statin to 10mg. which most of the people that have high cholesterol are taking. During my next visit . if my blood test result is good. I will stop the statin. It is better to control the cholesterol with life style then taking this drug. Many people i talk to. did not release that Statin block the body from making Cholesterol.. They though that the drug reduce Cholesterol. They will continue with a bad life style taking alot of junk food. Thinking that the drug will reduce the Cholesterol. for them. So no worry. Which is not the case. I hope you can pass this message to other people that would like to stop Statin. Best Regards. Simon Zhou.

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