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By: Pål Kleven-Fredriksen

Hi everybody, my name is Pål. For years I have helped people reach their goals. I have worked as a Coach and Coach Trainer for years and in November 2016 i decided to "clean up in my own house" I started my journey along the ketogenic-diet path... I weighed in at 321 Ibs. In the next 12 months (November 2017) I put away (not lost, because I do not want to feel I have lost anything) 123 Ibs. One of my secrets to success is simply to work with my mindset and follow a strict, yet simple mealplan. I think in general, people overthink and complicate things. when things get to complicated, you loose your focus and you just give up. I decided to not pay attention to what people said about all the dangers of "this and that". "The most IMPORTANT thing for me was to take off all the extra junk and deal with negative health issues later" but all the negative health issues never came... My cholesterol, bloodpressure, Fat Storing Hormone, bloodsugar etc all improved even in the first month. You will get health benefits instant! You don't have to wait until you taken off everything, every gram, pound and kilo counts. Don't wait for the right moment, make the moment right. Start now! Good luck, best wishes Coach Pål

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