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By: Omar Alkoja

Hi Dr.Berg I follow you channel and would like to say thank you for all the Content I find it very helpful thank you. I was wondering if you can help me please I seem to be hovering between 94.5kg and 96kg for the last three weeks. I am 50 years old I am 177 CM tall This morning I weigh 94.5 KG. When I started on 10th April 2019 I was 122kg . I started my journey on 10 April 2019 after I saw my doctor and he told me that I was diabetic after three years of being told I was Fat Storing Hormone resistant. Also I was told I had a bit of a fatty liver and that was expected because of my weight that was at the time 122KG. . I left his office determined I will reverse my diabetes and the fatty liver. The only way to do that I was convinced it was going to be by going under the knife and getting stomach surgery (bypass surgery of some sort). It’s diet in the past never work for me at best I would lose six KG and then put it all back on with a vengeance within three weeks. After doing some research I found out even if I have the surgery it does not mean I can eat whatever I want and I will still have to follow a strict diet of sorts. And it also comes with all kinds of risks. So I decided to give Diet A one last chance and try to change my lifestyle Keeping in mind are used to wake up in the morning on the way to work I will stop at the petrol station fill my car up get a Mars bar and a bounties bar both big ones a red ball and go to work the rest of the day my meals were not much better . First thing I did is I cut out sugars and carbs completely and I was winging my diet as I went. To my surprise that work really well and I started to lose weight Then I started to doing some research to improve my weight loss only to find out that I was doing a kind of a keto diet or not far from it. After that I came across intermittent fasting and water fasting. I have done water fasting twice once for three days and the other time for five days with an interval of one month What’s the five day one I was not hungry but I was lightheaded by the fifth day and did not have a lot of energy It has been three weeks since I did the water fast five day one but since then I started to yo-yo between 94 KG and 96 KG I feel it had changed something inside of me and I cannot go back to losing weight as I was doing Before . I did lose five KG’s in five days of water fasting My blood works since I have started I’ve come up great Fat Storing Hormone is dropped dramatically to where it should be the only thing I had a bit of high uric acid couple of degrees higher than where it should be My doctor is been helpful but I can see it in his face what I’m doing goes against everything he knows he has stopped me from doing water fasting and I did it without his permission. I started with a BMI of 38.9 and now I’m on 30.2 BMI just about ready to turn the corner from Oby’s to where I started to overweight At present for the last week I have started 5days a week Of 20 hour fast for our feed a day protocol and two days a week where I do a 16 hour fast eight hour feed protocol I do sleep drink a lot of water I do have a bit of stress but not sure what else I can do any thoughts that would be greatly appreciate it thank you so much for everything and have a great day Omar

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