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Alex ElaShares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Alex Ela

Dr Berg is a genius, it resonates so greatly with how I feel about what he has to say. I am listening to literally all of his videos, they are short and filled in with a pure essence and logic. I started recently following his recommendations and just after few days began feeling the difference around my hips and midriff area. I put in around 3,5 stones over the last 6 years due to hormonal imbalance, great stress, lack of a proper sleep and of course an Fat Storing Hormone issues. I just realized it after listening to his videos observing my body symptoms. All my GP was saying was to change my life style, like doing an exercise and dieting. None of it is not possible of course because of my high sugar levels. I am not a big eater but had to eat frequently through the day and even at night as my sleep pattern was so bad and I was literally waking up because of a hunger. And how fabulously Dr Berg recommendations worked for me- it is a miracle. I shall not just yet upload my picture. But will do it after noticing a significant changes in my weight. Aiming to move gradually from 3 to 2 times a day window eating. What important is that his advices worked from a day 1, as consuming more fats and completely eliminating carbs and sugars stabilized my hunger, which is a key to keep doing it for a long run. So so grateful... many thanks Alexandra Ella, Israel

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