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By: Liza Lott

Hi Dr. Berg, I discovered your Youtube videos in Feb.2019 and they literally changed my life. After watching your videos on intermittent fasting for a month or so, I finally decided I could do this. I began my journey on March 12, 2019. Before starting, I was really depressed about my weight and health problems. Some days I even had trouble walking due to my weight on an old ankle injury. My starting weight is 274 Lbs. My highest ever. I have been doing 16:8 for 7 months now and have lost 36 lbs so far! (My current weight is 238) Almost half way there to my goal of being under 200 lbs in what seems like no time. I haven't changed my diet much, but i feel like I'm ready now to step it up to the next level now that I'm comfortable with fasting. Thank you Dr. Berg!!!

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