This time I can't lose weight


By: nida nida

Hey my name is Nida, I am 35 years old. My weight was 72.7 kg's on 11th April 2020, current weight is 70.4 kgs on 13th may 2020 height 5'3 I did everything right but this time keto is not working because last year my weight dropping rate was awesome don't know what is the issue this time. I'm even counting my macros... I do lesllie walk 2 miles every day sleeping more than 8 hours doing dry fast this Ramadan..its like 15 hours of dry fast I have no health problems I'm taking one a day women and biotin 10,000mcg daily at 2.45am I take 2 boiled eggs (white only) or fried or spinach cheese omellete with 2 chicken bbq kakab and tea with whole milk malai. at 6.50 pm breaking my dry fast i take cauliflower rice with chicken piece bbq or big bowl salad(broclli,cabage,capsicum,cucmber,tomato,onion,green olives) with chicken kabab 2 piece or beef mince or almond bread slice with peanut butter... i usually break my fast with 2 small lemon juice in 5.5 glasses of water with pink a week i take zero sprite...water intake is 12 to 16 glass.. there is one thing when ever I start keto I dont know why my stomache got upset like loose motion .. this time I'm really upset and tired of doing keto... guide me on this please.

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