My tummy is almost completely flat and I am full of energy.


By: Karen Smith

Hello Dr Berg! I hope you are well. I am a relatively healthy women. Always exercised daily since I was about 16. Love gentle yoga, weight resistance and lots of power walking. Never eaten packet food of any sort and have tried to be as health conscious as possible. Yes at certain times of my cycle I have eaten a large bar of whole nut chocolate, but have not worried too much as I know that 80% of the time I make good choices. Been on IF for 5 days now eating 1 large healthy balance meal ie greens cabbage garlic ginger flaxseed oil salmon etc . I feel so very full and content. My tummy is almost completely flat and I am full of energy. I have done so much research on IF . My problem is convincing my carb crazy husband who I love very much to listen to me and look at the evidence. When I see the supermarket shelves I see so much poison I feel scared for him and I pretty much have diagnosed in my head all his health issues and what would help him, IF being no. 1. I was brought up on veg etc he choices carb loaded food and I strongly suspect he is oblivious to the dangers and toxins he is putting into his body. I want to feel as I do ( great) no cravings, bloatness or restlessness. I suppose he has to first except that his diet is poisonous and I have a job to do to guide him in the right direction. I think you are amazing . I am so angry with all the crap on our supermarket shelves and humans choose to eat it oblivious of what they are eating. I myself am so much more aware now and will continue my quest to have a long, healthy and happy life, with my Healthy husband (this part may take time) Have a wonderful day Dr Berg whatever you are doing! Karen (uk) x

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