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Mark Doherty Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Mark Doherty

Hey Dr. Berg My story starts last year around summer time. Age 26 Height 6ft Weight 250lb approx My weight has always yoyoed, I was really injury prone when playing sports and would pile on the weight when I was Last summer I broke my foot (for the 6th time) and in the hospital they took my blood pressure and it was extremely high which was odd. While recovering I get tested again.. blood pressure was still high so... not a fluke. I watched a documentary called that sugar film and cut sugar immediately and had great results blood pressure and weight dropped. However I didn't have a proper food plan and it fizzeled out. Weight came straight back on. Fast forward to Christmas past Here I am he heaviest/slowest/weakest I have ever been. Went to the doctors to check a few things out and here was the overall result 280 Lb obese High blood pressure High cholesterol Fatty liver (after a ultrasound) Lungs in bad shape from smoking Pre Diabetic Fat Storing Hormone resistant He Also suspected I was on my way to becoming an alcoholic and doing serious damage due to the amount of alcohol I was consuming On my way to diabetis and heart disease after my 26 birthday Tough news... That was the last straw. No more putting it off or I'll start next month. I immediately stopped drinking and smoking and started working out. One month in no real changes. I start working out more. 6 times a week to be exact. NOW I was seeing some change. But it was still really slow. 2 months in. After another month I start hearing about how IF has all this health benefits so I start with 12 hours. It was pretty easy so I numb it up to 16 and now I start cutting sugar again, limiting bread and starchy foods. But I was here before, I failed because I didn't have a plan in place.. I'm hungry for information and I come across your videos I say almost on a keto diet I just need to kick out the spuds (potatoes) we love potatoes in ireland it's another stereotype that's true.. This is when my weight loss kicks into 2nd gear.. dropping 1-1.5 lb a week. Weight starts to fall off.. Start a couple of weeks 100% on keto and while the energy levels did dip in the first few days. Now I feel amazing only training 2-3 times a week and loosing weight faster than ever AND adding muscle mass while DROPPING my protein intake.. So here I am now 225 lb Total weight loss since January 1 2017 is 55LB Adding muscle mass along the way Smashing fitness goals Running faster and for longer on the basketball court. Taking my panothanic acid every day was a game changer! Eating leafy greens and veggies by the shovel load Now I enjoy a few drinks responsibly once in a while Essentially in the best shape of my life. More importantly! The healthiest Blood pressure normal Cholesterol normal Not Fat Storing Hormone resistant Lungs working better than ever Liver looking much better! Thank you for your videos! They help me and others a lot! I've attached a before and during photo .. because I ain't done yet! Goal is to hit a mid-low teen badly fat % by some time early next year.

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