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Alton Woods Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Alton Woods

Growing up i was very active and fit and focusing on my diet and exercise was not necessary. When i went to college i was very involved with my university and worked several jobs to pay for school, which in turn left little time for diet and exercise. Fast food was my best friend. Before i knew it i had balloned from 210lbs to well over 300lbs (too scared to step on a scale to know exactly how big i got). After starting a family and getting set in my career i decided to get my health together. I started by seeing my physician for blood work and a physical. I was told i had high blood pressure, was pre diabetic, had high cholesteral, had joint issues and a number of other medical conditions that could dramatically affect my quality of life. It was that day that i threw out my deep fryer; then i cut out fast food; then i cut out sugar filled beverages. After loosing about 30lbs i began a workout program. After i finished that program i started another, then another. After about a year and a half of workout programs consisting of a lot of hiit and weight training i dropped down to 190lbs and have kept the weight off. At my last check up i was told i no longer had high blood pressure, was no longer pre diabetic, and had great cholesterol levels. I no longer have joint issues and am in the best shape of my life.

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