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You Saved my life.

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By: Waheed Hassanin hassanin

Hey Dr.Berg! I would like to share some words from the new Me and it's just more than a success story or tale. I'm 33, Born and Raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I'm a Fireman, I start playing football when I was 10 like every teenager here in the city. I got a knee injury so I couldn't play or move, SO that lead to gain weight and gain bad habits along the way. I reached 130kg without my knowing. As years go by I become easier to get sick and catch random diseases and inflammation. In short. My life was a bit challenging to wake up every day and think it's my last day. Cuz of what I was suffering. Depressions and etc. I tried many diets.. .many other ways to feel better. Nothing worked. I saw your first video on Intermittent Fasting. And from there my life starts to change. Day by day. Hour by hour, with a lot of your videos and instructions. 2020 is the best year of my life, despite what's happening.. but yes it is. In Feb 2020 I started the keto diet and IF plus HIIT workout. TODAY I'm 80kg LOOKING & FEELING Healthy. I'm a different human. My waistline was 44 now 37. But I can wear 32. Thank you is never enough. All I can say is ... your knowledge and the time u spent researching. It was and still is for a great cause. You Saved my life.

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