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Ron Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Ron

Hello, Ron here, A friend of mine introduced the ketogenic diet to me so i started on it about 2.5 months ago (March 2018) along with IF & exercise. So far I have went down in Jean size from a 36" waist down to a 34", lost weight from 211 lbs down to 186 lbs, I feel better mentally & physically & have a clearer mind now & plan to stay on this new lifestyle for the rest of my life & share it with others! But when I was hearing this keto info for the first time i wasn't sure what to think about it because it caused me to have a paradigm shift in my thinking about what was healthy for me. To think anyone could lose weight by eating fat came to be quite a surprise for me. After a few weeks being on this different diet (lifestyle) I became fat adaptive & noticed positive changes taking place in my body as I mentioned earlier. I am also thankful for Dr. Berg's research & videos; had been a big help for me in understanding what fuel our bodies best utilize which is fat, not glucose. Thank you Dr. Berg & God continue to bless you with more practical wisdom to share with us. Ron.

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