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Angela Matthews Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Angela Matthews

Hello my name is Angie I'm a professional arm wrestler. After I had my son 6 years ago my hormones and everything about my body was never right agsin. I've always been a heavier girl but I noticed issues with my menstrual cycle and changes to my body around the age of 23. I would go months without a cycle and I would get horrible horrible cramps. I've tried a lot of diets especially low-calorie low fat diets, mostly when I played for the Lingerie Football League. I had to significantly drop my calories for my body to even make some sort of weight loss change. But for some reason my body was extremely resistant to weight loss. My weight fluctuate a lot between the ages of 25 and 27 I was constantly bloated and around the age of 28 or 29 I notice a lot of body acne especially after eating bread. I learned about the keto diet back in 2016 and decided to make a whole life change for myself. As I was going through a divorce I needed an outlet so I begin Armwrestling, I was able to turn pro and now I compete on the national and international circuit. I started hardcore into the keto diet around November 2017 I got more strict into the diet during February 2018 and steadily lost weight. I freaked out and thought that if I ate a little bit more I would gain the weight back but I was able to keep the weight off with diet and exercise. I went from a high of 216 lb down to now 179 pounds and still losing weight. Many people that I know have bad mouth the keto diet but I have many extremely overweight friends that are on the diet and it's working out very well for them. The diet has been awesome with my Fat Storing Hormone resistance I'm ovulating more normally and the weight loss has been tremendous I would like to thank you for all the insight and all the education that you bring through your channel because without it I wouldn't be the woman I am today healthy and looking good. :) @JAMROCKANGIE

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