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Jeremy Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Jeremy

Hello Dr. Berg, Thank you for all your health videos, - 56 lbs lost in 4-5 months, no exercising with intermittent fasting (17:7-ish), keto diet and low calorie. - 30 year "hereditary" acid reflux issue, gone. (I hadn't even started the Apple Cider Vinegar/Lemon/Salt water yet.) - Inflammation/arthritis/sciatica in back, hips, knees, gone. (I still have the bad discs of course, but all the pain and inflammation dissipated quickly.) - 5 year old mysterious, chronic, nausea issue, gone. No before and after keto pics, but I can tell you that I'm 48 and I have abs for the first time at 190 lbs with NO exercise, except for standing 16 hours a day. Also discovered today my local Aldi (Rochester, NY) carries Kerrygold Butter around $2.89. Also an Aldi brand spinach (Little Salad Bar) that shows info for Vitamin K, Potassium and Manganese on the label! ----------------------------------------------------------- Question: A friend of mine...(it's not me, I swear haha!) He drinks beer every day, every month, every year, we don't know the health of his liver, but it can't be great. I told him about drinking the ACV/Lemon/Pink Salt/Water. Is there any situation that may or may not be happening with one's liver that would make drinking this detrimental? Also, can you recommend a credible source to search nutrition info? It seems every site I go to, info for the same foods are very different. Thank you, Jeremy

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