I am no longer even close to being diabetic.


By: gene L martin

Hello Dr. Berg my story is a complicated one. I gained weight to 450 lbs. I also had two very bad knees and severe foot problems. I had cancer 16 years ago. I could not walk or stand. So it was out of the question of doing cardio exercise. I tried countless diets, fasting, and so on. I also was a pre-diabetic. Well, one year ago I found you on YouTube. I sat through hours of watching your video's trying to understand. Well, I lost 100 lbs. In a year without any high workout plans. I am no longer even close to being diabetic. and I am now sitting healing from my second total knee surgery., both knees!!! I am looking to losing 50 more pounds before may and living a much happier healthier life. I am 62 years old, married 43 years. and still have a 16-year-old son at home. we will now be able to go fishing, camping, hiking, and do so much more. thank you for the time you spend making these video's it has made a life change for my family and myself. Also after having cancer, then learning about the effects of sugar in the keto diet. it made a lot of sense to me. now my sugar intake is way down now. and I think that was one of the best health decisions I made. Sorry, I don't have very good pictures right now, maybe I can find some. again thank you for your help. Gene

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