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Syed H R Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Syed H R

Hello Dr. berg, Let me start by thanking you for this opportunity. My transformation took around 9 months and i was able to achieve my goal weight by incorporating Ketosis and a weight lifting routine throughout my journey with little tweaks to my diet and routine here and there. At the beginning my weight was 230 lbs and my goal was to come down to around 142 lbs. I did achieve my goal as you can see in the keto before and after picture. Ketosis had a huge impact in my weight loss journey and overall health. As of now I am currently maintaining my weight at 142 lbs. To be honest I have learnt a great deal from your videos and also found ketosis through your channel. I have gone through almost all of your videos and learnt and applied quite a lot of things that you share in your videos from which i have benefited immensely. As of now I am much more healthier, fitter than ever and happy. Thank you Dr. Berg once again. Please keep making videos and doing what you do. People really need motivation and knowledge that you provide through your videos.

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