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Marion Hochberg Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Marion Hochberg

Hello, Dr Berg. I am a 63 year young woman who began the ketogenic diet approximately 5-6 months ago. I was a "sugar refined carbohydrate junkie" until my late 20's. Damaged my liver and pancreas. Have been hypoglycemic for several decades and last A1C reading, 1 year ago, was 6.3. Not good. Last A1C reading, 2 weeks ago is now 5.5. This is the best I have ever felt in my entire life! Such an easy and pleasurable way to eat. Am loving the "keto lifestyle." Fat around belly, hips and thighs is gone along with brain fog. Good improvment in short term memory. Brain is loving the fat and ketones! Energy is through the roof! Absolutely no food cravings at all. No abnormal hunger. Moods are balanced and emotional resilience is stronger. Have actually discovered a liking for bitter foods---greens in particular, that I never before had. Lost 17 pounds. I perform moderate cardio dynamic movement/stretching/strengthening exercise daily, about 25 minutes. Plan to incorporate some HIIT 1-2x per week along with more body weight exercises. I have been a massage therapist/bodyworker since 1989. The ketogenic diet will keep me going for a long time. Dr Berg, I am most appreciative of your detailed "layman's" explanation of the physiological workings of the body with keto, IF, etc. You are providing outstanding and vitally important educational information for the general public. Please keep up the excellent work! I do not have any photos to submit---did not think to take any "before" shots. Simply wanted to let you know of my wonderful success. Wishing you supreme health, Marion Hochberg

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