Gratefully will keep on trucking the journey of Healthy Lifestyle into retirement. Best regards Peter.


By: Peter

Hello Dr. Berg and staff, I reach my surrender point on being over weight at 396 lbs in December 2018.The food my normal go to for all my feelings, if happy, or sad, celebration, good day at work, bad day at work... etc etc etc. Food mainly sugar and carbs were my answer. I tried timed eating lost a little then gained it back and then march discovered info on keto so hitting rock bottom hopefully with no basement ? I tried it! I am at 280 now! I was 3xl now I am wearing large clothes. I buy at thrift stores as one site I also followed recommended. As the weight melts off as a bonus of getting healthy approach is huge! I kept that as a screen saver at the start as a reminder! My friends say "Holy cow what's up?" I took a tip from your naysayer you tube video,not to dispute or argue. low carb and low sugar. I don't even bring up fasting I just say I will eat later I am not hungry! I never had done my a1c blood work before but in early December 2019 I did! it was 5.3! which I heard is good :-) I was a border line inline for high blood pressure but it is normal now which my sleep doc was surprised.Me too. I do use your electrolyte powder a plug for that which is awesome. I tried 3 or 4 other kinds that were suppose to be the same or close but not even . So I do take what I like and leave the rest from other keto/If websites on the internet . Mind you there are days when I feel like the poster child for "How Not to do Keto and If " :-] but I said to myself Good job for trying and learning what does and then again what doesn't work for yourself. I am 63 and as I look at retiring at some time one huge nugget I read was get healthy Before you retire! Dang is that a palm to the forehead moment or what? I thank you sooooo much for all your videos and I enjoy your desert dry sense of humor it cracks me up! I am doing OMAD at this time. Gratefully will keep on trucking the journey of Healthy Lifestyle into retirement. Best regards Peter.

P.S. will consider doing the picture thing. Just wanted to take time out to say THANK YOU!

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