Greg Nelson Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Greg Nelson

Great channel, Dr. Berg, thank you for providing helpful information! With diet (similar to keto), regular/daily intermittent fasting and exercise I have lost 80lbs and totally reversed my Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension. I was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and acid reflux in 2006 and was prescribed 4 medications, and then started Fat Storing Hormone in 2010. But around summer of 2017, I decided to put the information on your, and others, channel to use. And over a year ago my doctor gradually took me off all medications. Today I'm not on any medications. My blood sugars range from 72 to 88, my blood pressure 110/72. I'm an American living in the Philippines so my biggest challenge is getting enough vegetables. All vegetables are seasonal here and broccoli is almost $3/lb! But these are minor challenges! Thanks again!!

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