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Thank you Dr. Berg and Staff for all the STRENGTH you all have given me! On May 1st, 2013 I buried my father, while at the repast I was chatting with my cousin about some health things and she suggested I call Dr. Berg's office, next thing I know she was handing me the phone while at the repast to speak to Ms. Joyce, I really wasn't in the mood but I was like why not... I had been having this numb like sometimes burning pain on the right side of my abdomen and kind of like my side...... I went to the doctor so many times about it and they kept saying they couldn't find anything wrong... I started having thoughts of maybe I have Cancer Or maybe my gall bladder was doing something the doctors just couldn't see right now.... and I was truly worried about it because a lot of times it hurt worse when I was full or after I ate certain foods! Ms. Joyce was the sweetest ever and was very patient with me! Being as though I had just buried my father, Ms. Joyce explained to me that I was in a state of grieving and might want to come in to see if we could help! I showed up to Dr. Bergs office... not really knowing what to expect but was interested in what This HEALTH AND WELLNESS office was going to tell me.....because I already felt I was living a healthy lifestyle! I have been a pescatarian for the past 2 years where I only eat seafood..... I have always loved vegetables and thought I was eating and living pretty healthy until..... I took the entire different test Dr. Berg’s office gives u... Thank you, God... I didn't have Diabetes.... but was a little borderline.... and I didn't show urine test for cancer so I was excited about that... BUT my Blood Pressure was through the roof... I believe it was 172/110 and my Body Stress Test said my biological age on the test was a 50-year-old woman... I was in SHOCK and this was not good!!!!! I was a walking Stroke or a Heart Attack just waiting to happen! At that office that day I was just in Ahhhh... I was so happy my mom was there to support me because I really became worried about my health.... everyone was so nice and let me know I was going to be A ...ok but I had to make a decision to take time for myself and work on my health! I left Dr. Berg's office that day trying to figure out if I really wanted to commit to this program of changing my life.... changing my diet completely.... and possibly LIMITING DRINKING ALCOHOL....this was tough...I work In REALITY TV... I cook like a Chef..... Food and drinks were my drugs..... I was an emotional eater and drinker.....I could NOT wrap my head around giving up one and drastically changing another... I pondered over returning to Dr. Berg’s office over the weekend and really looked into how I could commit.... was I going to take control or let my emotions control me! I made an appointment 1st thing that next Monday morning... I got to the office and they had me scheduled with Dr. Reid... I call her Sargent when I'm talking to others about her and my experience with my new way of living.... this woman Dr. Reid... I love her... she is tough and she excepts NO EXCUSES.... she looked over my test wanted some life history and basically gently summed me up and said looking at your Blood Pressure and the way your body is overstressed out Do U Neema Ali want to live or Do U Neema Ali want to die...... You just buried your father and he died from a heart attack..... This life is not easy... This life is a challenge... BUT THIS LIFE IS WORTH THE CHANCE TO LIVE AND BE FABULOUS!!!! Thank you, Dr. Berg... Dr. Reid... Ms. Joyce and the WHOLE amazing staff!!!! Look at me NOW!!!

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