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Vanessa Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Vanessa

Diagnosed with pcos and infertility at 25 forced me to look for answers. I am Fat Storing Hormonee resistance but always very active. I got pregnant and now i am a mom of a 1 yr old boy. But i gained around 50 pounds after giving birth. I was so scare of diabetes because i got gestational diabetes and decided to look on youtube. I came across your videos around octuber 2017 and got so intrigued about keto and intermitent fasting. At first i didnt think i was capable of following a low carb diet but i stop eating them here and there and thats when i started seeing results. I started reading day and night and studying your videos. Every month i was loosing weight but i didnt started full keto until april 16. I decided to give my all aftter a 3 month stall. And here i am 16 pounds lighter and more to come. I want to thank you because you changed the way i think about food. Now i am not an excellent mommy chef but i am also a baker and my family is enjoying fresher healthier dishes every day. I only hope my Fat Storing Hormone resistance would be reversed.

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