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By: Shawn Miller

December 2020 DX type 2 with glucose of 451. Refused the insulin thank God, metformin and glipizide were prescribed. First 2.5 months I cut out all carbs, was eating healthier than I ever have, but didn’t lose a lbs. weighed in at 255. Found you and Dr. Fung on YouTube. Since March I have been doing intermittent fasting, 36-48 hour stretches, eating OMAD when not fasting. My initial A1C was 11.5. April 14 it was 5.7. I was taken off my Glipizide. My sugars are a little higher off of that med, running in the 115-135 range, but I’m ok with it to try to get my insulin level down (hope that is the right approach). Still have am sugars 160-180. By evening they are down to 115. I have lost 20 lbs since I started fasting. I ended up having Covid over the past 14 days and am recovered now but only in the last couple of days, maybe that’s why I’m running high??? You and Dr. Fung have saved me. Thank you! I have a little health care background, and everything you guys say makes so much sense. My doctor treats his diabetic patients the traditional way and he was amazed at my progress, saying it is almost a miracle... lol, if he only kept up on the current research he would know these things already. Only took me a few google searches. Guess that’s why they call it “practicing” medicine. Thank you for your commitment to helping people. I will continue doing the fasting and eating properly and we will see in another few months. As a former paramedic for 20 years, I had a terrible sleep schedule, I worked 96-108 hours per week, sometimes not sleeping for 36 hours at a time, eating so many fast food meals at 2 am, eating big meals when I got home and crashing. That lifestyle definitely gave me metabolic syndrome. That’s where I am now, hoping to reverse it. Wish me luck’ I don’t have any images to share.

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