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By: Christina

Christina, 34 years old, mother of two. 12kg / 27lb loss in April - June 2017, no yo-yo-effect and no problems to hold the reduced weight at all. After nearly 12 months of Intermittent Fasting and regular exercise (16:8 / 2 meals a day) I can say, that for me, IF opened a door to a healthy lifestyle. BEFORE I was an unhealthy, lazy couch potato with zero interest in sports or exercise, with daily back pains and migraines, greasy skin and bad blood results, but TODAY I live on a healthy diet with lots of greens every day and I feel GREAT. I even became a runner! This summer, I‘m going to do my very first destination run, and never ever would I have imagined something like that a few years ago. If I can do it, you can do it too. I truly believe that there is no easier way to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle than with Intermittent Fasting. It’s easy, it’s flexible and you get rewarded with results very fast.

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