By doing low carb and IF I lost 40# in 5 months.

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By: Debi E.

I began this journey into Intermittent Fasting in May of 2017. Before that I was 60-70 lbs overweight with chronic asthma, lower back pain and pre-diabetic... and by doing low carb and IF I lost 40# in 5 months. I maintained that loss changed my food plan from low carb to ketogenic and am still losing weight. I am 25 lbs to my goal weight. I no longer have the asthma issues (was using my rescue inhaler daily before IF) and rarely use it at all since losing the weight! No more sugar issues or terrible back pain. My husband is on this journey with me and we have lost 90# combined. We cannot thank Dr. Berg enough for bringing us the information, coaching and being our IF/Keto mentor. #ketoforever

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