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By: Vicki M Bales-Humble

Before I started keto, my cholesterol was fairly high, wait let me go back even further. I never had a weight problem growing up, I gained weight having children but always lost it quickly. When I was in my mid twenties, I started losing weight at an extreme rate and my mother was worried, so she took me to the doctor where I found out my thyroid was shutting down and they could do nothing until it shut down. Once my thyroid stopped working I gained weight and then the doctors put me on Synthroid, needless to say, this did not work for me, it made me feel like a zombie, all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. Medications tend to not work on me for some unknown reason, after the doctors played around with the dose, I finally said forget it; "I would rather be fat and happy then skinny and a zombie." Fast forward to my late 40's and here I was still over weight. I thought I ate pretty healthy, I was on the low fat diet all the time and I still kept getting fatter and fatter. I tried eating paleo and did lose a little bit of weight, but then gained that back and finally I found out about Keto., I started Keto May 27, 2017, Now here I am 78 pounds lost, I was a size 18/20 and now am a size 6/8, my LDL 94 HDL 96 Triglycerides 53 and guess what? My thyroid is NOW WORKING!! I have 27 pounds to go to meet my goal weight, but I have more than that, I have my confidence back that I lost years ago, I have faith that I will be here to one day see my children get married and give me grand children and I pray I get to live a long life with my wonderful husband all thanks to God for showing me keto.

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