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By: Bruce

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I decided rather than going medicine to try to control it with diet. At the time, my A1c was 6.2, and I also had undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Started cutting out sugar in trying to eat better. My son said to me, it looks like you're eating Keto. I said what's Keto? He kind of explained and then I started researching it. I found dr. Berg's videos and have been hooked ever since. After losing 50 lb, and going from 273 all the way down to 223 in 6 months, I went to my doctor for check-up. Long story short, my doctor told me that my A1c was now 5.3. She also said that my kidney function had increased, which she had never seen without medication. Another doctor, my rheumatologist then tested my Ana, which stands for antinuclear antibody and is a marker for many connective tissue diseases. I hit had uctd for 9 years. He told me my Ana was now negative and that my u c t d was either now in remission or gone. I also need to mention that's since starting Keto, I have been intermittent fasting as well, doing all of my eating between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. . I am feeling better that I have felt in 30 years and I'm still in the process I'm slowly dropping weight. I actually feel the need to exercise now and desire to. I have gone back to the gym and I'm working out. I am a huge advocate of this type of Lifestyle I just seen first-hand it has changed my life and my health. Thank you dr. Berg!

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