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By: Franco Palumbo

57 yo, male with all Normal Lab values as of last Month 11/2019. I assisted in surgery for 18 years. Poster child for eating and living poorly. In 2014 I suffered a Basiliar Artery Stroke. I currently have a 100% occluded Basiliar Artery and live from collaterals. Via hard work now 2019 I have 100% Normal lab Values. I should not even be Alive! My Neurologist (well known) is trying to get us on the Dr. Oz show, If asked to appear I probably would not as I believe in quiet success but at the same time my knowledge and Labs as proof, I should share with others so I try and do this via Education! No Images as my results are internal but I would be happy to share my lab results with Dr. Berg. Thank you,,,Franco Palumbo / 215-789-5705

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