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By: Betty Stahl

100 lbs. 5 2 70 yr old tiny female am. 2 oz. fresh wheatgrass ACV, water, lemon 1c. coffee, 1/2 tbsp. cream 1 pm 21 gr. protein 1 powder wheatgrass/barley, other juice grass powders 3 c. veggies at least 10 GM. fat 6pm 21 gr. protein 4 c. salad and wheatgrass (2oz. fresh) Lilys chocolate 1000 c. days whatever is left good fats and small addl. proteins Supplements: magnesium malate, vit d, chlorella/spiraling, nutritional yeast, tumerick more than 36 gr. protein, don't feel well. All food is the best quality and lowest carb category. Only health challenge is arthritis in back, not systemic. Wheatgrass really helps with this. I don't cheat because I enjoy my food and make goodies when I want them. interested in supervharging nutrition going into my elder years to take me thru healthy. Any add. ideas? At my perfect weight. Same weight as my mom, and grandma before me.

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