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Catalin Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Catalin

1 year ago I was at my lowest point in life 117kgs, sick and breathless all the time. I was eating for lunch kfc and for dinner mcdonalds and around the clock rubbish snacks, sugar and 3 redbull's a day. For the next 10 months I have continued to eat those junk foods, but I never eat after 6pm. I was IF'ing without even knowing. 2 months ago I came across dr Berg on youtube as I was watching IF videos and I was introduced to keto. I weighed at the time 93kg when I started keto and serious IF. As of today I have reached my goal: 78kgs. Today I also set another goal. I hope I can reach it soon. This ketogenic way of life has saved my life and I m deeply grateful. Guys, it's okay to fail, just know that in failure lies success. Don't give up, it it possible.

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