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By: Tracy Clarke

The great Dr. Berg, finding your YouTube videos have saved my active life. The reason I say that is because I am able to move my joints freely, wear my high heels and feel youthful. I'm 51 and everyone thinks that you are supposed to go through certain conditions as you age, NOT!!! I know I'm aging but in my mind I felt the same, I still like to dance, go to concerts, etc. I injured my knee last January walking on the treadmill high incline. Over the past year, I had PT, cortisone injections, the next step of course is surgery and the Dr. even said I was too young to have a knee replacement because I would probably have to have another before my life was over. This issue slowed me down tremendously, even though I've been overweight all my life I'm pretty healthy and active. As a result of the knee injury, I was depressed because I didn't want to go out dancing or anything because I wasn't able, at one point I was walking with a cane. In March, the cane came back and I even went & purchased a pretty cane. I went to a different Ortho to hopefully be told I could get surgery, because the MRI said I had a meniscus tear, and of course I thought that would fix me. He told me the same thing, yes it is tore but arthritis is present, you're too young, etc. gave me a shot explained it probably wouldn't last as long as the last one I'm heading toward knee replacement surgery eventually. NO, I don't want the pain, recovery or scar, plus I know that once you have one replaced, you eventually need the other knee replaced too. I read about the negative effects of the cortisone shots and vowed I'm not going that route I just need to lose weight and exercise. So I set my wheels in motion, started my Atkins plan, which has always been my go to diet, because it works for me and going to the gym. I lost 8 pounds in two weeks, going to the gym but my knee is not getting better like before with the shot and know my other knee was bothering me too. The Atkins plan works for me short term because I still would crave carbs after awhile plus I stay really cold(carb flu) after about a month. So I stopped but was still exercising but I wasn't losing any weight, I felt a little better but my knees were so sore. May 8th is the day you saved my life, I had to go to a work conference and it involved a lengthy walk from the parking lot and I was feeling cute with my heels on and refused to use the cane. I made the round trip successfully but I was in so much pain when I returned home, nothing I had ever experienced, my knees were burning, aching, throbbing, I said I must have gout. To explain further, my mother has had me dieting since I was about 10 years old and I have continued the every diet cycle all my life and I have lost weight only to gain it back plus more, I was actually considering the lapband surgery at this point, to fix my weight. I had done my research, attended a seminar and I knew you still have to diet, and most people don't look good afterwards, it didn't make sense to me. As I said Atkins is my go to plan but I read it may cause gout. I was looking on YouTube for and praying for an answer and I swear the Holy Spirit guided me to your video about joint pain. It was 1 a.m., I immediately got out the bed took the apple cider vinegar & lemon juice and the pain subsided so that I could go to sleep. I was hooked to your videos by then because you described so many issues I was having- hair loss, right shoulder pain, overweight, cravings, not sleeping well, headaches, etc. It is just June a little over a month and my health has improved soooo much, it is like a miracle. I did the 2 week liver cleanse, but because I am an adrenal type I needed the protein and I do the intermittent fasting. I am losing weight but more of a fat loss than weight which I could never get to budge on Atkins my fat percentage would always increase. My hair is growing, I'm sleeping better and my knees are feeling like they did before the injury, all within a month and a half. I know I still have a way to go to improving my health and other issues( headaches) but I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel and it is very easy to do. I've ordered several of your supplements and incorporated others (serrapeptase, probiotics) into my day. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my knees, lol, for your free life changing information.

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