I lost 26 kg


By: Zeeshan

Sir, I'm watching you and Dr. Jason Fung from last year or so and I did agree with your theory about the body type and I have all the symptoms you explained but I live in a country where I do not have all the pages you showed in your videos moreover or cultural food is full of carbs I just plan and prepare myself a long time to start your instructions. I'm pre-diabetic and have high blood pressure issues but I also agree with you about taking this so-called doc advice and hesitate to take one pill daily till rest of my life so u r my last resort to follow in your footsteps. I m 146 kg weight till April 2020. One day I just checked my bp and that was 190/110 and my sugar level goes up to 168- 200 on random which shows that I need a medication which I did for the blood pressure, but I have seen your videos regarding beta blockers and I don't wanna do that medication for rest of my life however now I lost 26 kg weight and my blood sugar getting normal range and I didn't take any medications and psoriasis on my feet and hands also disappearing without medication which is awesome thanx to you and Dr. Jason Fung God bless you both if you want me to encurage people here in Pakistan/India how they can adapt this diet and how and why that diet they are taking since childhood damage them. I'm happily willing to do that for humanity and fellow countrymen. Thanx for everything!

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