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By: Shari Lee

Please edit this as you feel appropriate. Your moderator Daniella Florentino asked me to reach out and share my before and after pics. I started keto about a year ago. I was diagnosed by my medical doctor with metabolic syndrome. Dr. Rigby is a great doctor and was practicing keto, He had lost a great deal of weight himself with the keto diet. He decided to make his practice into all medical weigh loss practice. Because of this, in order to keep this great doctor I needed to give his diet a try. I continued going to see Dr. Rigby and still continue to go to @Ogdenclinicmedicalweightloss Where Dr. Rigby his nurse Tyann and other staff have helped me tremendously. I started around 204 lbs and I am currently about 168 and would like to lose at least 11 more lbs, increase my activity and build muscle. I started out a size 14 pants laying in bed most of the day, having to get epidurals for my back pain (herniated discs pressing on nerves). I was depressed had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and a large waistline Buddha belly. I decided to give this keto diet a try and began with baby steps. The hardest part for me was giving up sugar, I went thru withdrawals and then I gave up gluten and processed foods. Soon the weight started coming off and the inches my clothing felt loser and kept going in that direction. I was able to cut my blood pressure medication in half and all of my labs are improving tremendously! I was no longer pre-diabetic! My Cholesterol is going down and inflammation is decreasing. I look and feel so much better! Doing keto gave me confidence in myself to go out and live life again and has lifted my depression. I will say I am not perfect and I do have cheat days but I always come back to the keto woe because it has helped me so much!

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