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By: Rodrigo Lam Manfredo

On December 21, 2018 I was diagnosed a pre-diabetic and the symptoms that took me to the doctor were diabetic neuropathy on my toes and psuedo acanthosis nigricans on my forehead and fingers. As a young child, I had many relatives who are diabetics and grew very aware of Fat Storing Hormone, to the point that I became afraid of it. When the doctor instructed that I needed to take metformin and if my situation worsened possibly inject Fat Storing Hormone, it was time for a change. A friend advised me on the ketogenic diet and IF and immediately started investigating. I started doing a 16-8 fast almost every day for the first month and lost 25 pounds. I included ACV as part of my daily in-take. The lifestyle change was quite difficult especially going through the keto flu, fat adaptation and severe boils. I do not know if the latter is related to keto or IF. After getting through all the issues thanks to Dr. Eric Berg’s and Thomas Delauer’s youtube videos, I was able to work my way up to OMAD, currently on my 5th month on Keto and prolonged fasting and lost 70 pounds. Although, I did become hypoglycemic but a quick video from Dr. Berg set me straight on consuming more proteins and greens.

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