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Oh well I bought the adrenal kit which comes with the book and I’m at chapter 10 now. I have not started the keto lifestyle as yet . I never get any support like a live person to help me. My problem is I am holding onto dr bergs products that I have because first of all they cost so much by the time It’s converted to South Africa rands and second of all it takes like 4 months to get to me. I need a long term fix. The products are just not going to work even though I love them to bites because I really feel a difference I just can’t afford 12 000 rand per month. Also I need some help with converting all the techniques to South African products and measurements. Hence I’m saying a live person to chat with. There is a person in the dr Berg sales site but they don’t really get into any advice or help in that way. I’m Sorry to have used this platform but I needed to reach out. So I weight 67 kilograms and I am 39 years old I am 1.58 meters. My BMI is 27 I think. I am told I need to eat 1300 - 1400 calories per day since I’m not too active. I think I am a mixed body type since I am adrenal as well as homonal with fibroids and I think the thyroid also is troubling. Help me please dr Bergs crew. Please I have some people in South Africa that took the course and they charging R3000 for 4 x 1 hour sessions . I’m not sure what the sessions will be like and if it’s not just better to work with you guys. I know I’m just a middle class person and it seems I have to be really rich to get healthy and thin. I ask you and I know you will find a way. Just ask dr Berg I know he cares. Besides I am making South Africa know his name lol. I really think his authentic and I know our rand is making the products seem expensive and it’s really not so badly priced. I just maybe need some help working it all out. Maybe I can do a month pack with a retainer or something. Like order 4 month supply then it keeps coming but then what about body changes and stuff. I don’t know. Also I want to start. One more thing , does this mean I need to do a detox first please help.

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