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Nate’s Weight Loss Journey

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I feel like I was always the bigger kid growing up, I had tried losing weight many times on many different types of diets just for the weight to come rushing back after the 90 days (or however many days the diet adhered to). It all came to a head when I was about a month or so from graduating from college and I was an absolute wreck. I was a ball of stress and the heaviest that I had ever been. I remember getting back from school each day and wanting to do nothing but lay down for the rest of the evening, as I had essentially zero energy and the stress and weight just sapped me of everything.

One of these days (around mid-march of 2019) as I was getting back from school, I remember being particularly fed up and realized that I was miserable and that I had to do something to get myself out of my misery - and I determined the root of all of the things that were making me miserable were in one way or another related to my weight. I remember this fire that I had that day, this feeling that no matter what - I was going to make it work this time. I would take any uncomfortable measure that I needed to because I couldn't fathom being any more miserable than I was at that moment (in retrospect, I think that this is the catalyst for change - whenever you recognize that the cost/pain related to the change will be less than the cost/pain of things staying the way that they are).

A habit that I had formed in the weeks and months prior to that was to watch stuff on youtube to help distract my brain/turn it off, So that day, since I was laying around wanting to do nothing anyways but help my brain focus on something - I started watching videos on weight loss strategies and pretty quickly ran into Dr Berg (among others) and got Introduced to the idea of intermittent fasting and a little hormone called insulin. I was fascinated and I ran with it. From there as I started seeing results I became an absolute nerd and wanted to learn all that I could about the bodies relationship with food and almost the entire life cycle of macronutrients as it travels through your body. Month by month, the change in my life was incredible. I didn't have a scale for about the first two months, but remember being so excited when I would get up in the morning and put clothes on. Every day they continually got bigger and bigger on me. Eventually as I got a scale (I weighed about 330 the first time that I weighed - can’t imagine where I was before), seeing the pounds just melt off was also so exciting to me. Within a year I had lost all of the weight (down to weighing 169) and have stuck with it since! It’s been an incredible life change!

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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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