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By: Lakeya K

My whole life I struggled with my weight, self-esteem and body acceptance. Over many years I tried many, many diets. From super low calorie to 6 meals a day and even starvation. In 2015 I figured if I eat whatever I want and work out 6 days a week that would solve all of my problems. So for 2 years I worked out hard and then binged on cookies, ice cream and cakes. The next day I'd repeat the cycle. I was over 360 pounds and took 2 years to lose 40 pounds with this terribly unhealthy routine. In May on 2017 I came to my senses and realized what I was doing was wrong and had no positive outcome. I saw people being successful on the Ketogenic diet and Intermittent fasting. I was intrigued, amazed and determined to follow this lifestyle. I took my time researching as much as I could. I studied everything I found online and in your book. I didn't ask anyone for help because I didn't want to rely on anyone but myself. I was ready to change my life forever and I have! In a little over a year I have lost 75 pounds from Keto and 115 pounds total. Losing weight is not the most important thing that has happened to me. I suffer from sever osteoarthritis. In 2016 my doctor said he would do a double knee replacement if I were older. I am now able to work out with no knee pain or swelling. My back pain is non existent. I have so much energy and I just feel better all over. I have lost so many inches over my whole body it is sometimes hard for me to keep count. I would truly like to think you for all you do. I wouldn't be where I am or know what I know if it weren't for you. I'm not near my goal yet but I can't wait to see who I transform into. I share my journey on Instagram. I want to inspire people to better themselves because they deserve to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. I have confidence, love and happiness I have never felt before. I am truly a new creature. Thank you!

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