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By: Paulette Webster Webster

Keto - was 11 stones in weight. Within 1-month weight was 10.9lbs. Weight is not good as I am diagnosed with HTN so I was over the moon. I still find it hard to believe and I am tempted to weigh myself again to prove that I read the scale correctly. I have been on many diet plans in the past but they never last long and I gained weight again hence my blood pressure elevated. Thanks, Dr. Berg for the advice. You are amazing. I will continue to watch your video. I have been trying to see my GP since March 2019 then Covid 19 came along and.. up to now I still haven't been able to see my GP. My prescription drug was prescribed without any assessment or even follow-up to see how I am getting on. Thanks, Dr. Berg for the advice about the potassium and magnesium I will soldier on. Dr can you tell me how to order my vitamins from you. I live in the UK. Thank you and your team for everything they have done for me. With keto I feel so young and agile I never want to go back to where I am coming from in terms of my health. Have a blessed day.

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