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Jared Lowe Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Jared Lowe

KETO FOR THE WIN!!! Went back to the doctor today, after 6 months of a strict ketogenic diet. By way of review, when I saw my Dr. in May of this year, she told me, that if I wanted to live to see 40, I needed to make some significant changes. I weighed 272lbs (and climbing); my blood pressure averaged 145/80 (dangerously high); blood glucose averaged 100+ (pre-diabetic); A1C averaged 7-8% (again, pre-diabetic); HDL (good cholesterol) was low (well under 40 mg/dl), and LDL (bad cholesterol) was high (near 100 mg/dl). Well, I received an excellent report today! Weigh in at 188lbs; my blood pressure averages 120/78 (perfect); my blood glucose is down to 65 MG/DL (perfect); my A1C is 4.6 (perfect); my HDL is 45 MG/DL (perfect); my LDL is 64 (perfect). Not only that, but my kidney function, liver function, and vitamins D and B12 are perfect as well; also, no anemia. I also, was previously suffering from persistent chest pain, due to a left ventricular hypertrophy...not any more! My doctor was very pleased with these results, told me "keep doing what you're doing! If you continue this lifestyle, I see no reason why you will ever have to worry about diabetes, heart disease, etc." She also told me that I could have some junk food; I replied, "well thanks, but that's not going to happen." Keto, clean eating, intermittent fasting, and exercise has radically changed my overall health, for the better.

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