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By: Kathleen Wischmeier

For nearly a decade prior to the start of her keto and intermittent fasting journey, both of Kathleen Wischmeier’s children had shared their concerns regarding her poor health and lifestyle. Despite knowing what it takes to be healthy, she ignored their comments and continued in a downward spiral. Right before starting her journey to health in March of 2018, she weighed 235 pounds, wore size 24 pants, and suffered from allergies, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues. She felt as unhealthy as she looked.

That’s when her daughter Caitlin asked her to try a program that she had found to be successful: keto and intermittent fasting. Wischmeier said, “She sent me a link with Dr. Berg’s information and my life has never been the same.”

After I began intermittent fasting, the allergies and headaches subsided almost immediately. The gastrointestinal issues were more gradual, but I was feeling 100% better after one month of my IF journey. After losing 92 pounds and dropping my pants size from a 24 to an 8, I find my daily body aches have subsided considerably.

“I felt younger at 48 (49 in September) than I did in my twenties, when I was a competitive cyclist weighing 120 pounds and having 6 percent body fat.” After I had been on Keto and IF for a few months, my son Blake and I were training for our first marathon and half- marathon, respectively. After the first week I felt absolutely amazing and was not hungry at all.

“I eventually began running or cycling daily and pushed to a 20-hour fast and a four-hour eating window. During the first six months I lost 60 pounds, the inches were melting away, and I was feeling amazing. One of my closest friends called me ‘the incredible shrinking woman.’

During this time, I became a Dr. Berg guru and learned all that I could to maximize my results. I entered a sprint triathlon and began training for that event, which took place in June of 2019. Over the next six months I followed this pattern of eating and exercise and continued to lose inches, but very little weight. I was focused on my fasting time and eating window and at times struggled with consuming too much sugar or carbohydrates.

During the initial 16 months of my IF lifestyle I lost 75 pounds and countless inches, but I still had 30 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight. In July of 2019, I decided to push hard for the next two months leading up to the18-month mark of my journey. I wanted to share my story with Dr. Berg. I modified my sugar and carbohydrate intake and increased my training program with moderate weight training. As I celebrated my 48th birthday I had lost 87 pounds and my pants size had dropped from a 24 to a ten.

Wischmeier summarizes her story: “For the last 27 months, I have been following Dr. Berg and have committed to IF; I have lost 92 pounds, so I’m down to size 8 pants. This has been the most incredible journey of my life and sharing my story gives me an incredible amount of joy. Every day I am grateful to Dr. Berg for providing me the tools to change my life, and to my children (Caitlin and Blake) for giving me continued support.”

How did your support system help in this journey?

First and foremost, my adult children have been my number-one fans. My children live in other parts of the country, but were instrumental in my success by continually checking in and consistently providing positive feedback. My close friends also provided continual support and feedback as I progressed. Everyone continues to respect my eating pattern and particular food needs I may have.

What were the major lessons you learned from Dr. Berg?

The two biggest lessons that Dr. Berg has taught me are: one, eat 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day, and two, refrain from ingesting anything that will spike my Fat Storing Hormone while I am in a fasting state.

What was the hardest part about losing weight?

Honestly, since I began following Dr. Berg and [since] beginning IF my weight loss has been easy.  

What is the best part?

IF has changed my life in ways I did not even know were possible. I have been fasting for 27 months and I cannot imagine life without it. Losing 92 pounds and dropping my pants size from a 24 to an 8 is pretty amazing. It is rewarding that most people who haven’t seen me since my journey began, do not recognize me.

What would you have done differently if you could do it all over again?

If I did it all over again I would blog my progress weekly, adapt to keto and incorporate some of Dr. Berg’s products.

What encouraged you to not give up?

The desire to make my children proud of me really pushed my journey. As the weeks passed and I lost more weight and inches my desire to share my story with anyone who would listen really kept me on track. As I neared my two-year “birthday” I decided I really felt a strong desire to thank Dr. Berg for my journey. I honestly feel like his program and daily YouTube videos saved my life.

What would you like to say to someone reading your success story?

Be diligent with your eating pattern and don’t lose faith if you have one or two bad days. Take photos no matter how uncomfortable it is. Stay connected to Dr. Berg’s program at least daily. IF can be life-altering if you give it an honest chance.

How much weight have you lost since starting keto?

I have lost 92 pounds and dropped my pants size from a 24 to an 8 since starting IF in March of 2018.

What is your favorite way to exercise?

Since May of 2018 I have become an avid runner. When I began running in 2018 I could barely run one mile; however, to date I have run countless half-marathons for training. I have competed in one sprint triathlon and look forward to participating in more.

What is your favorite keto recipe?

I do enjoy Dr. Berg’s Cheese Crisp and Chocolate Cheesecake Peanut Butter Fat Bomb recipes.



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