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By: Sal

In my late teens I was notorious for losing weight quick for fights (boxing) however as I got into my 20s it became difficult. The stresses of adulting, college, kids and supporting a household didn't help. I soon learned it was an illusion that my youth created, what I thought I knew wasn't working anymore and I started developing severe body aches from the wear and tear of always being in contact sports. Later I developed severe acid reflux, brain fog,high cholesterol (low hdl) and had my gallbladder taken out. I found keto not long after and I had been after any lifestyle that would improve cognitive function because I thought, "if I can't lose weight, I'll at least have my brain health and cognitive function" so I tried keto and behold: it was the solution to all my problems, the pictures speak for themselves. It is constant learning and growth but morning calls answered on the Dr. Berg show on FB helped, he even answered my question live. Dr. Berg is a support Avenue with all the information he shares and kept me hopeful when I questioned the lifestyle, I'm forever low carb/keto.

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