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Charles Harlan Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Charles Harlan

In March I was told by my Doctor my cholesterol was off the chart. Like so high they could not read it. I also was having heart palpitations So I went to you tube and the first video I found was Dr. Berg on ACV apple cider vinegar. So bam I acted on it. I began drinking before ever meal ACV and the exact lemon juice he used. I started to eat salads and veggies twice a day cut out all bread,ya know the list he gives. Stopped drinking all alcohol totally. Started taking vitamins I would hear him reference. Then Three weeks later I took a new blood test. I lost 16lbs. my cholesterol was a lot lower almost normal. I still do the drink eat the veggies and the salads. I feel so much better I feel as if I have turned back the hands of time. Now the lady at local health food store wants me to go do a testimony on their web site, but I did this one first.???????? thanks for all the great info now I'm changing my sleeping position.

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