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luis diaz Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: luis diaz

I work for a chain of restaurants, Im 39 and I was 250 pounds size 46 pants in a 5 10 frame, pre high blood presure and started getting worried about my sugar levels as I started to develop ED and low sensitivity during sex. I have known low carb since 1999 but I quit when I started working for the hospitality industry, food is my weakness. Today I weight what I used to weight in highschool. 185 and 34 pants. Sex is amazing once again after losing all this extra weight in 11 months. Thank you Dr Berg, I needed a refresher in my fav subject 'nutrition'. Ill look for pictures. As as chef I have come up with different variations and new recipes for me. I knew soy oil was bad ever since 1996 when my dad told me. Highblood presure is exactly 120 today, when before when I was doing a standard Lowcarb my presure was bellow 120 sometimes 109! and created dizziness. Today doesnt happen, there so much I can say and I have helped 6 people do the same, sister, co workers and currently my brother whos in 55s and 300 lbs. I even bought a white board to teach lol. Did use your electrolyte product aswell.

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