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By: Reza Akbari

I was diagnosed type 2 Dibabetes in Aug 2017. Started IF inspired by Jason Fung, last 25 LbS in 12 months reversed diabetes settled to 186 lps. and got stuck there. I did many types of diets, calorie restrictions, vegan, and also tried noom. None affected my weight loss and craving. Then I stumbled to YouTube video by Dr Berg about Insulin Resistance. Also followed Dr Ben Ekman, Dr, Ekberg. Once I understood IR and how to fix it, I started OMAD and Keto. Actually I tried keto 2 years ago but still not the result I was looking untilI went 2MAD and later OMAD with keto. In 3 months I last 12lbs. Now I am at 173. Periodically I do 48 hrs IF. The same with my wife she follows the same regiment and she is now 132 from 158 last year. Her back Pain, knee pain is much better now. My sugar is stable I am mostly in ketosis. But I am stuck at 173 since Sept 2020. I want below 170, could not get there even with OMAD. We consistently eat around 12 to 2pm. Weekend 3pm. I have question from Dr Berg. How I can break my plateau and also some experts like Dave Asprey, he doesn't recommend OMAD everyday and he also recommends ome carbs what do you think?

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