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By: Peter

I was advised that my AST was: 14 Jan 2019: 99 U/L (should be <35 ) 25 Jan 2019: 135 U/L I was advised that my ALT was: 14 Jan 2019: 114 U/L (should be < 40 ) 25 Jan 2019: 138 U/L I was advised I had a bad fatty liver (not cirrhosis ) and must give up alcohol and lose weight After watching yours and other Keto videos, I went on the Keto diet with fasting (your advice) (missing breakfast, moderate lunch (occasionally missing lunch too), moderate dinner) plus medium exercise (walk, light exercises before lunch or dinner) 7 Feb 2019: AST was 63 U/L and ALT was 74 U/L My Gastroenterologist said he rarely saw such improvement in such a short space of time. He asked me how and I told him I went on a Keto diet [mainly vegetables, small amounts of meat, eggs, natural fats (organic sausages, flaxseed oil, butter), no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol (except 1 large glass of wine once a week), low fruit]. He said he would suggest I stay on this Keto diet as it it working well for you. Specialist said: Liver most definitely can shrink down in size with time. (my liver had expanded 4cm since Sept 2016 to 14 Jan 2019). Further I have lost noticeable weight, Stomach still protrudes because liver still needs to come down. I have been on the Keto diet now since 14 January 2019 and will be doing another sound scan to see if the liver has decreased slightly and to get my latest full blood count, including ALT/AST readings. I have slacked off the Keto diet somewhat, but am basically sticking to it (but not as riggerously) Personally, I think the key to it was/still is: the intermittent fasting to force my body to use up excess fat for energy and fuel. I note that when I missed the exercise because it was too cold or raining on the peaks of fasting, Exercise needs to be on the peaks of fasting it appears) I actually put some weight back on over last 3 weeks because not exercising on peak of fasting. Even the Keto diet without fasting can put weight back on I found. Peter NSW Australia Date: 8 May 2019

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