I went on keto not to lose weight but to get off the medications.

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By: Milford Stringfellow

I’ve been overweight for many years but very active. Four years ago I could not walk to the mailbox without having shortness of breath. This came on all of a sudden. Bottom line, My ADL was 99% blocked and I flatlined during a heart cath and had to be, “shocked” back to life six times and finally ended up on life-support. after a double stand I was given 2 cholesterol medicines, 3 blood pressure medicines. Good time to say, before all of this, my blood pressure was not real high, 140/75 and my cholesterol was a total, 183. The medications made me feel terrible so I wanted to get off of them. After a year and a half, I found KETO. I went on keto not to lose weight but to get off the medications. 8 months later, in March 2020, I’m off of ALL medications and the proton pump inhibitor for my underlying stomach problems. My blood pressure runs daily about 115/65, triglycerides are low, HDL is high so my cholesterol, even though the total number is high, is good of good quality. This is the easiest healthiest diet I’ve ever been on and wish I would’ve found it 30 years ago.

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