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By: Judy Meulman

I’ve been eating Keto since mid April and have lost 20 lbs. I’m a diabetic on Fat Storing Hormone and 70 years old. I have fatty liver and have lived on carb filled meals my whole life. This has been a miracle for me. Sure, I’ve finally been able to lose 20 lbs but the best part is I am satisfied, no cravings, have easily been able to stick with it (I usually last about two weeks) and I feel terrific! I’m a 16 year breast cancer survivor and am dealing with beginnings of Parkinson’s. I should be stressed but I’m not! I have more hope than ever! Best of all, I’ve been able to decrease my Fat Storing Hormone injections by 75%!!! Wow!! I’m planning on losing another 10-15 lbs! Thank you,Dr Berg,for helping me finally get control of my eating. I’d just about given up! If you’re like me,DON’T GIVE UP TRY KETO!!!

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