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You are changing lives with your work and content. Thanks, Bless you for your channel.

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By: Abhishek Sharma

I've always been obese. Growing up we as kids ate, ate, and ate... College years were no different... All the food no sports no exercise. No activity. Sedentary lifestyle... No exercise at all... Sugary foods excess carbs weighed over 119 kgs 262 Lbs Finally caught up to me... In 2012 I was diagnosed with fibrosis... Made no changes in lifestyle as there wasn't enough information given by my doctors as to where changes were to be made. All they gave was medicines ...The same year doctors said I had osteoporosis... Next year I was again hospitalized as they diagnosed pancreatitis... In 2016 due to heavy use of medicines Paracetamols... ibuprofen and lifestyle (Sodas) I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 20% functioning liver. I'm currently awaiting a transplant... Really had lost hope and felt suicidal... I came across your channel. I decided to give this a try. As I've tried almost everything. Started with short walks as I get tired a lot. Joined a gym. Couldn't walk more than 30 seconds on a treadmill unassisted... People made fun and even pointed that going to the gym and exercising at age 40 won't do any good. Even now I can't do a single pullup or a Dip..or a pushup Your channel, your tips have really been a great inspiration to me. I just plug in your channel and listen to the tips and tricks My weight has reduced to 75 KGS 165 lbs in a span of 18 months 2 months ago when I went to see my doctor he was surprised to see me He asked how managed to achieve this. I told him about IF, OMAD & keto and how it's changing my life. Even he is impressed with this...and has reduced my medicines I'm still not where I want to be physically...I have a lot of loose skin ..physically. Also now have a Gall stone along with a kidney stone and a transplant coming my way I'm not going to quit. Really appreciate your tips. YouTube in this case has been a blessing for me. I see all your videos and get inspired to do more. You are changing lives with your work and content. Thanks, Bless you for your channel.

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