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Peter Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Peter

I´v never been an obese guy but I was in unhealthy fat state. My wise scale have told me, I´m in unhealthy fat. Even protruding belly was problem for me. That´s why I´v begun to go to a gym 2-3 years ago. But very soon I hit a plateau. I did a lot of different diet like: my diets, then a lot of them came from different fitnes instructors (which I had to pay for and it wasn´t cheap). Nothing happened !!! Then something bad happened in my life and I lost a lot from my strength. I dropped down my weights and I wasn´t able to get my strength back. I was desperate. I wanted to give it up but then I have seen my Dr. Berg´s first video about KETO and IF. I was like ,,OK ! This one guy and that´s it ! No more diet or other instructors ! Just on my own´´. I was decided to continue my whatever way when his diet fail me. I didn´t fully adapt to that diet but after 2 weeks I have started to see some differences on my body. I was really surprised and then I start to be more interested in KETO and IF. In a few days I´v been really into that. DEEPLY IN !!! I ordered bunch of Dr. Bergs food supplements and among them was his new book of new body types and a lot more. I was so interested that I start to read it immediately. I had finished that book in a few days (it is really something with my English). I´v ordered more supplements and I started truly hard core diet. My carbs have been from 20 to 25 grams a day but I count even my netto vegy carbs !!! I had 2 - 2,5 meal a day and sometimes I did 24 - 26h of fasting. I eat 15 to 20 cups of vegy a day. My fat dropped down, my belly significantly as well and my strength raised up. For me a lot. To previous level and even little bit more. My muscles raised as well but just a little bit. I´m not surprised. I was always hard gainer. That´s why I start to follow another, new, diet plan (which I made up as well) but this is another story, right ? :)

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