I'm om OMAD and feelin good!


By: Pamela

I started OMAD without knowing it was an Intermittent Fasting option. I simply was not hungry before around noon to 2:00, so I did not eat. Then my day became busy and I did not have an opportunity to eat until around 4:00 and sometimes as late as 6:00. As I was mentally and physically preoccupied with activities, this became my schedule and I noticed a nearly twenty-pound weight loss (within a few months). This encouraged me to continue eating just one meal a day between 4 and 6 in the evening. I cannot do Keto because I don’t have a gallbladder but the Mediterranean diet has been extremely beneficial for me. I don’t understand how, but my cholesterol level is high—despite eating foods low in cholesterol. I am trying to reduce the pasta I consume to see if this helps lower my cholesterol. Other than this the OMAD intermittent fasting and Mediterranean style eating has proved successful for me. NRW, I am 67 years old!

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